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Hoodie & Shorts -Sweats

It is important to us that you can use our shorts and hoodies with every outfit. Of course, it would be even cooler if you combined the shorts with our hoodie. A simple look, without logo or print, can be used for everyday life, parties, sports and much more. Combine two different colors and maybe even wear a t-shirt underneath to spice up the outfit. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination. In general, our hoodies are simple and uncomplicated, which means that you can use them in a variety of different outfits.

A responsible origin

Whether it's t-shirts, shorts or hoodies, our goal remains the same. All of our products are designed to be responsibly sourced. The cotton in our sweat collection is not only Oeko Tex, but also GOTS certified. Your skin can look forward to wearing it gently, as the materials do not contain any harmful substances. In addition, the certifications also include strict social requirements for our production in relation to conditions such as working hours, forced labor and minimum wages. There is no forced or child labor in the factory and our t-shirts are made by workers working under decent conditions and a set minimum wage.

From Fast to Slow Fashion

There is no question that we have to protect the environment and the textile industry is a good starting point. We therefore produce all our t-shirts in 100% organic cotton, which in turn results in high quality. This high quality means that you can keep your t-shirts longer and they will last longer. This way you also avoid changing your wardrobe every year. In addition, the production of the cotton for our T-shirts emits 94% less greenhouse gases than conventional cotton. We hope that you will try our ecological t-shirts. In this way, together, we can positively contribute to the movement towards a sustainable clothing industry. It's 'just a t-shirt', of course - but the little things make a big difference in everyday life.