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Men's Classic Fit T-shirt

Our T-shirts in the Classic fit, that you can use in all of your outfits. Our T-shirts come without any logo or print - just simple and basic T-shirts, which looks extremely good. You can use our Classic fit with a pair of jeans, sweatpants, shorts or under a blazer. We have designed our Classic fit T-shirts, så that it fits perfectly. Besides that, all of our T-shirts are produced of 100% organic cotton, to assure high quality and long sustainability. Buy one today and experience the feeling of wearing an excellent T-shirt without having to pay a fortune for it.


T-shirts with a classic fit

T-shirts come in all sorts of shapes and forms, and can be used to change or influence what you wish to express with your outfit. At bareen we offer several different types of t-shirts, but we started out with our Classic fit. Our Classic fit T-shirt is our take on the traditional t-shirt, and it is designed to have a great fit. The short arms and great fit gives it an elegant look that can be used in many different outfits. Besides that, the quality of our T-shirts is top-tier. All our T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, that only consists of long cotton fibers. This gives the cotton proper strength, which results in a very durable T-shirt. The long cotton fibers also result in a very soft and comfortable t-shirt, so that it feels amazing to wear.  


Suits every kind of outfit

One of the positive things about our T-shirts in the Classic fit is that you can use it for basically any kind of outfit. It is the perfect T-shirt for your everyday use, since you can easily wear it with a pair of normal jeans. For the more festive occasions the Classic fit can easily be worn with a pair of nice pants or underneath a jacket. If you are exercising or doing sports it can be used for that too without a problem. You can therefore almost always use our Classic fit for whatever the occasion is. However, maybe you wish to go for a more baggy kind of vibe than what the Classic fit can provide. If that is the case, you should try our Box Fit or Box Fit Light, which are our oversized T-shirts. They will give a completely different vibe to your outfit, in comparison to our Classic fit. No matter which of our T-shirts you prefer, we believe that you can never go wrong when rockin’ a T-shirt when you hit the town. No matter the season, or the weather, you will always need a good T-shirt. For the colder days, our T-shirts work perfectly to use as an inner layer to keep you warm. If that doesn’t cut it for you, we recommend that you try our Long Sleeve T-shirts, that are perfect for the colder days.

Sustainable T-shirts

We at bareen wish to create T-shirts, that remain and live for a long time. Our T-shirts are made out of a 100% organic cotton of the highest quality, which reassures durable and sturdy textiles. During the production of our T-shirts no pesticides are used, and the cotton production lets out 94% less greenhouse gasses. Besides that, our goal is that the T-shirts we produce will be used many times for a long time. In that way we fight against the “wear and tear” culture. It becomes our contribution towards a more sustainable fashion industry, and hopefully moving us closer to a more sustainable future.


The need for a good Classic T-shirt

In our opinion the T-shirt is the most neutral piece of clothing there is. It isn’t defined by age, gender or economy. No matter who you are, you can always wear a T-shirt. But the question then becomes, do you always wear a good T-shirt? We ourselves found it complicated to find a basic T-shirt, where all the crucial parameters were met. We could not find a T-shirt, where everything came together in the same piece of clothing. Price, quality and fit never coexisted, which created frustrations on our part. Therefore we decided to develop a T-shirt that would meet those three criteria. After endless amounts of meetings with potential partners, we eventually found the perfect producer. In close collaboration with this producer, we found the recipe for the T-shirt we all want. We managed to produce a T-shirt, which we ourselves wanted to wear every single day. And even though we had found the perfect recipe, we haven’t stopped working on and try to perfectionize it. We are constantly working on our design and production, so that we are always optimising its usage and staying up to date with our customers' wishes. So in case you want a Classic T-shirt, that is durable and sustainably produced, you have come to the right place. At bareen we want to offer you the possibility to wear a T-shirt you are satisfied with, every day of the week. We started out with only making men’s T-shirts, but we quickly realized the need for a good quality T-shirt for women. Therefore we now also produce the Classic fit in a women’s model.