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At bareen we started with a focus on only producing high quality T-shirts. But now that we have launched our first products besides t-shirts, we’re introducing everyday essentials; Socks, Boxers and Tote Bags. Our goal here at bareen has always been to offer top quality and a perfect fit at a fair price. Our range currently consists of t-shirts for both men and women, sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, boxers and tote bags. Under our “Essentials” you will find our socks, boxers and tote bags. All three are made of high-quality organic cotton, which helps to preserve their shape, color and quality. If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated basic product in high quality, then you have come to the right place. Try our socks, boxers and tote bags today.

Socks that are perfect for every occasion

At bareen what we attach great importance to with our socks, is that you can wear them every day. The quality of our socks is very high, as they are made of 95% organic cotton. This makes them both comfortable and long-lasting. Our socks for women and men are our take on a pair of classic socks, with a good and classic fit, so they suit everyone. The classic socks, which consist of just our little logo, can be used with any outfit, and are in general a very versatile staple that you can style and wear for any occasion; For everyday use, parties, sports etc. You can for example combine our socks with jeans, jogging pants, suit pants and shorts. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination sets the limits. In general, our socks are simple and uncomplicated, which means you can wear them for almost any occasion. You can find all our socks right here on our website.

Comfortable high quality boxers for men

Our Boxers are designed and produced with a focus on them being comfortable to wear. We believe that the main quality of underwear should be comfort, and not that they are trend-setting. They must fit well so that you are not bothered by them during your day. Comfort comes from a good design, which is carefully adapted so that they sit perfectly. In addition, our Boxers are produced from 95% organic cotton, and not 100% like our T-shirts, as the remaining 5% is elastane, which makes up the elastic. The organic cotton is produced without pesticides and does not contain toxic dyes. When you pull on a pair of our Boxers, your skin therefore has nothing to fear in relation to toxic dyes and pesticides. In addition, organic cotton cultivation emits up to 94% less greenhouse gas, compared to conventional cotton cultivation, as energy and water consumption is lower.

High quality tote bags for men and women

What we attach great importance to with our tote bags is that you can wear them every day. Since they are simple and only consist of the bareen logo, you can use them for everyday life, work, sports and much more. Our tote bags are made from strong, high-quality cotton, which makes them super durable. The bag has a large front pocket with a logo, as well as an internal zipped pocket for your most important belongings. It is ideal for all occasions. You can for example combine our tote bags with any outfit as they come in two simple colors Pitch Black and Desert. The possibilities are endless with our tote bags, and there are no limits when it comes to styling them. In general, our tote bags are simple and uncomplicated, which means they will become your most loyal friend for all occasions.