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Boxers Men

Comfortable underwear boxers for men in great quality


We at bareen have as our Danish name states, which means “just a T-shirt”, started out with simply focusing on T-shirts. However, finally we are launching our first piece of clothing that isn’t a T-shirt: our super comfortable Boxers in great quality for men. Our Boxers are designed and produced with the goal of being comfortable to wear. In our opinion underwear's most important quality and parameter is comfortability. They should sit comfortably on the body, and cause no irritation throughout the day. Then it doesn’t hurt the fact that they happen to look great and stylish. Comfort comes from a good design, which is well thought through, so they get a great fit. Besides that our men’s boxers are made in the same good quality as our T-shirts are. They are produced using 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, used for the elastics. The organic cotton is produced without pesticides and contains no poisonous or harmful chemicals. So when you wear a pair of our Boxers, you can be certain that nothing harmful will come in contact with your skin. Besides that, organic cotton emits 94% less greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton, since it uses less energy and water consumption.


Boxers in various colors - but one great fit

As mentioned before the main focus of our Boxers is the comfortability. Therefore they are designed with a fantastic fit that makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day. There is nothing worse than a pair of underwear which shrinks or fits badly. No matter if you are active or sitting still all day you can trust that our boxer briefs will remain comfortable until the end of the day. Compared to traditional boxers, these have a tighter fit around your thighs and hips. This gives them a slimmer feel which makes them perfect to wear underneath for example a pair of jeans or dress pants. Our Boxers come in the same color as some of our Classic Fit T-shirts, so that you can match your underwear with your T-shirts in order to create a stylish look. For example, you should try on our white underwear with our white T-shirt.


Maybe your new go to underwear

When you have to wear boxers everyday, it is crucial that you find the best ones possible. They need to be comfortable, made of good quality materials, for a reasonable price - and look good. We think you should try our Boxers today, since we know they fullfil the criteria above. Try, what might be, your new favourite pair of underwear.