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An iconic totebag - perfect for any occasion

For the warm summer days when you head out to the beach, or on a normal day when you head out to the gym, or just any day when you need a practical bag to bring you things along: we have the perfect solution. Our iconic totebag comes in the casual and neutral desert sand color that works with basically any outfit. It has one big spacious pocket on the outside, and a smaller pocket on the inside with a zipper for your more important belongings. All in all our totebag is a very practical bag, and it does not hurt that it happens to be very good looking as well. The simple design makes it a perfect accessory to any outfit, so order a totebag today to ad a perfect garment to your closet. It is the perfect match for our beige Classical Fit T-shirt, or any of our Box Fit T-shirts.

Our way to fight the wear-and-tear culture

This totebag is made out of 100% organic cotton. This cotton is sustainably produced and GOTS-certified, and in comparison to conventional cotton it emits 94% less greenhouse gasses. This high quality of the totebag makes it highly durable, and makes it possible to use it for a very long time. This was one does not have to throw away and buy new ones all the time, which is our way of fighting the wear-and-tear culture and trying to make the clothing industry more sustainable.