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Men's Long Sleeve T-shirts

When the summer days are over and winter is coming, then it is nice to be able to wear something long sleeved to keep the warmth. Luckily for you we have the most comfortable Long Sleeve T-shirt ever. The long sleeves and the thick cotton provides you with a good, warm layer for the colder days. The fit of the T-shirt feels like it is almost tailored, and it sits great on the body while keeping you warm. Try on one of our Long Sleeve T-shirts made out of high quality cotton, so that you can experience the feeling of wearing a comfortable and exceptional Long Sleeved T-shirt. 

A long sleeve T-shirt with a perfect fit

At bareen we always strive to design T-shirts characterised by high quality and a great fit. It is important for us, that we offer products with a good fit, and that comes with the high quality that results in a longer lifespan. This is also the case with our. Our Long Sleeve T-shirt is designed, so that it will have a great fit that will last you throughout the first day you use it, but also when you use it several months later. The design of the Long Sleeves are made in a classic design with the round neck and the classical fit, that resembles our Classic Fit has. The Long Sleeve T-shirt is, just like all of our other T-shirts, made out of high quality cotton, which results in super nice T-shirts with a long lifespan. This is a T-shirt you can and will want to use for a long time.

Perfect for the colder days

In Denmark, bareen ’s home country, the weather for most of the year is unfortunately a bit colder. Therefore it is essential that one’s closet is up for the task of keeping you warm. We at bareen have therefore produced an exceptional Long Sleeved T-shirt that keeps you warm during the colder days. The thick cotton in our Long Sleeve T-shirt works perfectly as an inner layer that will keep the heat. It works perfectly by itself, or like an inner layer underneath for example a jacket. Order one today to be able to experience the feeling of wearing an amazing Long Sleeve T-shirt of the highest quality.

Brings a cool vibe to any outfit

The long Sleeve T-shirt is more than just a piece of clothing to keep you warm during the colder days. Our Long Sleeve T-shirt will give your outfit a special kind of vibe and look, that differs from for example the vibe that our Box Fit T-shirt brings to the table. Our Long Sleeve T-shirts have a minimalistic design, so that they can be used for most occasions. You can for example use it in your everyday life going to school or work, or when partying or going out, or even when exercising outside in colder weather. It is an all around piece of clothing, that we have chosen to produce in several colors, that works all year around. Our Long Sleeve T-shirt comes as a mens model on the website, but can surely be used by women too. If you wish for a T-shirt made specifically for women, you can try our Classic Fit for women.

The movement towards a sustainable fashion industry


The fashion industry nowadays is focusing more and more on sustainability, after several years of unsustainable, climate damaging production methods. We at bareen wish to contribute to the movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry. This we do by producing high quality products, with a long lifespan. Our goal is that you can use our products, for example our Long Sleeve T-shirt or our Classic Fit T-shirt, for a long time and in that way you don't have to buy and throw away clothes as often. Besides that all of our T-shirts are made out of 100% organic cotton, which during harvest and production don’t utilize poisonous pesticides. Our cotton also emits 94% less greenhouse gasses, and is therefore more climate friendly than other kinds of cotton.