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Women's Classic Fit T-shirt

Our Classic Fit T-shirt for women is made especially for women, designed after the female figures, so that it fits perfectly. It is, just like our other T-shirts, made out of 100% organic cotton, which results in a very high quality and durability. This T-shirt in classic fit you can use for many outfits, since it comes without a logo or print - totally neutral and simple. Buy one today to experience the feeling of wearing an exceptional women’s T-shirt of great quality.

A T-shirt designed for the female figures

We at bareen always strive after being able to offer the perfect T-shirt to everyone, no matter gender, length, style, age etc. Therefore we have designed and produced a T-shirt in classic fit, that is custom made for women. This Classic Fit for women is for you who wants a T-shirt that fits like a T-shirt should fit. The T-shirt’s fit is the traditional classic fit, just like our Classic Fit for men. This means that the T-shirt has a rather slim fit, without being too tight. The neck on the Classic Fit for women is a normal round one, which gives it a very elegant look. The length of our Classic Fit for women is somewhat shorter than the length of our Classic Fit for men, and the sleeves are also shorter than on our mens’ Classic Fit T-shirt. Our version of a Classic Fit for women comes in several colors, so that it can be used all year around in various outfits. The T-shirt works as well to use on a warm summer day as it does as an inner layer during the colder days. However, for the really cold days maybe you wish to use our Long Sleeve T-shirts for extra warmth. 

This T-shirt works in any outfit

A classic T-shirt with a simple design and no flashy logo or print, can be used in several different outfits. A simple T-shirt can for example be used with a pair of jeans, which creates a perfect everyday kind of look. It can also be used for more festive occasions, by styling the T-shirt with a nice skirt or dress pants. To make the T-shirt even more festive you can match it with several accessoires to make it more unique. For example by using some pretty bracelets, scarves or perhaps a pair of nice high heels you elevate your outfit easily. In general a T-shirt always gives you a timeless and stylish look, that we at bareen love and believe that you can never go wrong with when you hit the town. 

The classical fit

Our Classic Fit for women is designed with a slim classic fit that sits perfectly on the body. This fit makes it possible to use this T-shirt in several outfits. You can use it with a pair of jeans, sweatpants, shorts, skirts or other bottoms. Our T-shirt for women is in other words the perfect multi-purpose T-shirt. That is due to our T-shirt making philosophy, that is to just design and produce simple and uncomplicated T-shirts. If you would prefer a more oversized or baggy look, we recommend that you try our Box Fit T-shirt, which is our baggy alternative in the T-shirt segment.

Sustainable T-shirts

Sustainability is something that is very important for us as a business. We wish and want to contribute to the movement against a more sustainable fashion industry. We contribute to this goal by designing and producing T-shirts of such high quality, that they will last you for a very long time, and therefore can be used for a very long time. In that way you don’t have to throw away and buy new clothes as often. Besides this, our cotton is 100% organic and therefore emits 94% less greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton.