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When the temperature drops here in Denmark, it's nice to be able to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt. It is possible with our oversized long-sleeved t-shirts. The large long sleeves and the robust cotton provides a comfortable layer for the cooler days. The fit of our oversized long sleeve t-shirts is tailored to be slightly oversized while keeping you warm. Try one of our oversized long sleeve t-shirts in premium cotton today.

A long-sleeved t-shirt with a perfect fit

At bareen, we always strive to design clothes that are of high quality and with a perfect fit. It is important for us that we offer products that fit the body perfectly and are of high quality, which leads to a long shelf life. This is also the case with our long-sleeved t-shirts. Our oversized long sleeve t-shirt is designed to stay in place all day long, even after many months. The collar on the long-sleeved t-shirts has a classic round neckline, and at the same time has an oversized fit, just like our box-fit t-shirts. Like all our other t-shirts, the long-sleeved t-shirt is made from high-quality cotton, which helps to ensure that the t-shirt is of incredibly high quality and long-lasting. It is a t-shirt that you can wear for a long time and that manages to keep its shape.

Perfect for the colder days

When the temperature drops here in Denmark, it is important that your wardrobe is dressed accordingly. At bareen you are ready for the cooler days with our oversized long-sleeved t-shirts. The thick cotton in our oversized long sleeve t-shirts gives you a warm layer so you don't have to worry about staying warm while wearing it. The oversized long-sleeved t-shirt works both on its own and under a jacket - There are many options. If you want a high-quality long-sleeved t-shirt, try our oversized long-sleeved t-shirts.

Gives your outfit a cool look

The oversized long sleeve t-shirt does more than just keep you warm in lower temperatures. It gives your outfit a very special look that you can't get with a t-shirt with short sleeves, like our box fit t-shirts. At the same time, our oversized long-sleeved t-shirts are designed very simply, so they suit most occasions. For example, you can wear it everyday when you go to school or work, for parties as a casual outfit, or when you have to do sports outside in cooler temperatures. It's a versatile piece of clothing that we've designed in the most popular colors that work all year round. Our long-sleeved t-shirts are a men's model, but can also easily fit women. However, if you as a woman want a t-shirt that is more adapted to the female form, you can try our Classic Fit T-Shirt.

A simple oversized long sleeve t-shirt

We want to offer long-sleeved t-shirts that meet the criteria we set when the company was founded. We wanted to produce t-shirts that were of high quality and in a perfect fit, but still at a reasonable price. It was also important to us that the t-shirt had a very simple design. That is why our long-sleeved t-shirts are produced and designed according to exactly these criteria. We have designed the long-sleeved t-shirt without any logos or prints, resulting in an uncomplicated and timeless design. In addition, our oversized long-sleeved t-shirts come in a range of beautiful and solid colors, so you can use them for many different outfits.