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Men's Box Fit

Would you like a look that is more oversized than the classical style? Then our colourful array of oversized T-shirts is exactly what you are looking for. Our Box Fit Heavy T-shirts are designed to give your outfit an oversized look, that works with anything from sweatpants to dress pants. The sleeves are designed with ‘drop shoulders’, which means that the T-shirt’s sleeves begin a bit further down on the shoulder. This gives the T-shirt a cool oversized look. Buy one of our Box Fit Heavy T-shirts today, and experience the feeling of wearing an exceptional oversized T-shirt in good quality. 

Perfect for you who love an oversized T-shirt

It can be very hard to find that one perfect oversized T-shirt, with a great fit for a reasonable price. This is a problem that we at bareen decided to try to solve. We have designed an oversized T-shirt, with a good fit, and an exceptional quality. Our Box Fit Heavy T-shirts have an oversized look with longer and wider sleeves that begin a bit further down on the shoulder - called “drop shoulders”. This means that our Box Fit Heavy T-shirts are for you who wish for a bit more oversized look and style than a Classical Fit can give you. Our heavy Box fit is also a bit thicker than the Classical Fit, which gives it a nice, bit more heavy, feel. If you do not like that, you can try our Box Fit Light which has the same fit but is produced in a bit lighter material, and comes with a smaller collar. Besides that, all of our T-shirts are made out of super high quality, since they produced in 100% organic cotton, which is as strong as it is soft. Our Box Fit Heavy T-shirts are live on the website as men’s T-shirts, but they are actually uni-sex. However if one wants a T-shirt made specifically for women, we offer our Classic Fit for women. This fit is customised for the female body and shapes, and has a great fit.

Oversized look

Throughout the years fashion has mostly been characterised by tight, slim clothing, but recent years one can see how the more baggy, oversized vibe has fought its way back. Baggy is back to stay and is now more trendy than ever. The oversized look we all know and love today, had its breakthrough thanks to the hip-hop and rap scene. During the 90’s rap became extremely popular all around the world, and so did the musicians iconic outfits. The famous rappers’ baggy outfits started becoming more and more normal amongst everyday people. Many were inspired by the rappers they were listening to, and also their way of dressing. Today the oversized look is very common, so of course we offer a baggy alternative in the form of our Box Fit Heavy T-shirt. This T-shirt you can easily match with a pair of jeans and without problem create a cool look. Our Box Fit Heavy model is a basic T-shirt which is produced without logo and print. It is really just a high quality T-shirt with a perfect fit. We have also produced T-shirts with print, but they come in the form of our collabs. You can for exempel look at our collab we made with danish media profiles Peter Falktoft and Esben Bjerre, who produce the danish podcast Her Går Det Godt.

Quality, fit and price - all in one T-shirt

“Why can’t I find a basic T-shirt for a reasonable price, that also has a good fit and good quality?”. Exactly that question we asked ourselves a couple of years ago. We were wondering why no one on the market, in our opinion, was offering a basic but good T-shirt. In the end we were so frustrated, so we gave up the search and decided to just create it ourselves. We went on a journey with a clear goal - to be able to offer good, qualitative T-shirts of high quality for a reasonable price. After some long and hard months with endless meetings with producers and partners, we finally found our producer. Finally we were able to design and produce T-shirts we ourselves were proud of. Today we offer a wide array of T-shirts in several colours and fits, all with the same high quality. Sustainability and design are always our main focus. We constantly work on optimising and improving our T-shirts quality, so that you always receive a T-shirt that will last a long, long time.  

T-shirts in organic cotton

Recently we have seen a rising focus on sustainability in society, not only in Denmark, but in the entire world. We wish to do what we can for the well being of the climate, which we do by only producing sustainable T-shirts. Our goal is to offer T-shirts of such great quality, that you can use them many, many times, prolonging the lifespan of your closet. All of our T-shirts are produced in 100% organic cotton, which amongst other things mean that no pesticides have been used during the production of the cotton. Besides that it emits 94% less greenhouse gasses when utilising the cotton that we use. The quality of the cotton we use is extremely high, which one quickly notices when wearing our T-shirts. The fabric is soft, but also durable. This quality and durability is our way of fighting the ‘wear and tear’ culture, since they can be used for a long, long time.