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Our goal was to offer a top-quality hoodie with a perfect fit and at a fair price. Here we have designed a classic hoodie that can definitely contribute perfectly to your outfit. Our Classic Hoodie is made from 100% (GOTS-certified) organic cotton, which contributes to its durability. But not only the fit but also color and quality and color play an important role and both should be preserved as long as possible. Are you looking for a simple and uncomplicated hoodie made of high quality with a good fit, then you've come to the right place.

Men's hoodie made of high quality organic cotton

Our hoodies are designed with a focus on quality and fit. We promise the highest quality because all our hoodies are made from 100% (GOTS certified) organic cotton. This helps ensure that they are hard wearing and have a long shelf life. You can find our men's hoodies in two different fits: the classic fit and the oversized fit. You know the classic fit from classic hoodies and it sits a little tighter on the body. You will find the slightly oversized fit with our oversized hoodies, which give an oversized look.

A staple for every outfit

We attach great importance to the fact that you can use our hoodies for many different outfits. A simple look, without logo or print, can be used for everyday life, parties, sports and much more. You can combine the hoodie with jeans, jogging pants, suit pants and shorts, among other things. The possibilities are endless and it's only your imagination that sets the limit. In general, our hoodies are simple and uncomplicated, which means that you can use them in a variety of different outfits.

We declare war on fast fashion

Our goal at bareen is to guide the textile industry in a sustainable direction. That's why we produce all our garments in 100% organic cotton, which in turn results in high quality hoodies. The high quality of our clothing means that you can keep the t-shirts and hoodies longer because they simply last longer. In this way you also avoid the timely and untimely changing of your wardrobe. In addition, the production of the cotton in our hoodies emits 94% less greenhouse gases than conventional cotton. We hope you try our ecological hoodies. In this way, together, we can positively contribute to the movement towards a sustainable clothing industry. It's 'just a hoodie' of course - but the little things make a big difference in everyday life.