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Do you love t-shirts as much as we do? Then our Box Fit T-shirts are for you. It is a modern variant of the classic t-shirt, as Box Fit has its own larger fit. Our Box Fit T-shirt has so-called 'drop shoulders', which means that the sleeves on the t-shirt start further down on the shoulders, giving it an oversized look. The T-shirt is therefore perfect to wear on a relaxed Sunday with jogging bottoms or with a pair of jeans for everyday use. Box Fit is available in many different colors and can be used by both men and women. Although we do recommend buying a maximum of a size medium if you are a woman. In general, we recommend that you buy the same size as you normally buy in a Classic Fit T-shirt.

Created for those who love an oversized T-Shirt

Our Box Fit T-shirts are unique compared to the rest of our selection of T-shirts, due to its oversized look. The oversized look gives a cool, more baggy look, that can be used in all kinds of outfits, from jeans, to dress pants or sweatpants. If, on the other hand, you are not into a baggy look, then we have our more traditional T-shirt called Classic Fit, which fits a little closer and has a normal fit. We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect Box Fit T-shirt. There is an abundance of classic T-shirts, both good and bad, but oversized ones like our Box Fit are less common on the market, as they have only recently become really popular. For that reason, we at bareen have decided to create the best Box Fit T-shirt all by ourselves. This led us to our newest introduction called Box Fit Light. Box Fit Light has the same oversized look that you are used to with Box Fit, but it has a lighter fabric and is not as heavy as the original one. Of course, it is produced in 100% organic cotton, which is both gentler on the planet and your skin. In addition, Box Fit Light is made with a new and improved collar, which decreases the collar from creasing after washing.

A simple look

Our aim has always been to produce simple and stylish t-shirts without print or logo. Our Box Fit Light follows the same philosophy as always, while introducing new colors such as Mocha and Olive Green. The colors were actually chosen by our lovely customers when we sent out a survey to find out which colors were most popular among our followers. It has always been important to us, that it is our customers who decide which products and colors we should choose for the next production. We are always working to improve our T-shirts so that you get the best possible T-shirt for the price. Our goal is that you get a T-shirt that you can use again and again for several years, without having to replace your T-shirt due to wear and tear on the product. It took several years before we created a product that we felt could match both in terms of price, quality and fit, and therefore it is also our absolute main focus that we always have agreement between all the criterias for a good T-shirt. If you like prints and logos, and want them to be part of your permanent wardrobe, then you should keep an eye out for our collabs, which comes out several times a year. Here we make Limited Edition T-shirts, which typically sells out quickly within a few hours. These unique products are made in collaboration with other brands that we feel match our values ​​and that can contribute to an inspiring design. In the past, among other things, we have made collaboration T-shirts with Peter Falktoft and Esben Bjerre from Her Gaar Det Godt podcasts, Red Cross, IRMA, Juno The Bakery and The Classy Issue. We are constantly looking for new collaborations, and we continuously create new ones and look forward to presenting them to you.

T-shirts in organic cotton - What else?

One of the biggest problems with the clothing industry today is the so-called 'buy-and-throw-away culture' that exists. Many clothes are made with a focus on only being able to sell at a cheap price, without focusing on sustainability or environmental impact. We at bareen want to contribute to the fight for the best for the climate, which we choose to do through T-shirts that reduce the CO2 footprint compared to T-shirts made of conventional cotton. Our goal is to offer T-shirts that are of such good quality that you can use them many times, so that your wardrobe will have a longer life span. All of our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, which means, among other things, that no pesticides have been used in the production of the cotton. In addition, it emits 94% less greenhouse gasses when using the cotton we use. The quality of the cotton we use is high, and you can easily feel that on our T-shirts. Therefore, we believe that our T-shirts help fight the ‘buy-and-throw-away culture’ – as their high quality and timeless design means that they can be used for a very long time.