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Men's V-Neck T-shirts

You know it well - the classic v-neck. The V-neck is and will remain a true classic. Our V-neck T-shirt comes in a classic fit, but with the iconic V-shaped neck. The T-shirt is made out of high quality cotton and is designed to have a great fit. Our V-neck T-shirts can be used for all kinds of outfits, as an only layer or inner layer. The shape of the neck makes the T-shirt perfect to be used under for example a sweatshirt, since the colour of the T-shirt is not visible. Buy one today and receive a T-shirt that you will want to use every day of the week.

V-neck T-shirts with a classic fit

One can not argue the fact that the V-neck is a true classic, which is why we have decided to include it in our collection of T-shirts. We want to give our V-neck loving customers a high quality, great looking T-shirt - and that is what we have done. Our V-neck T-shirts are designed with a classical fit, that you will recognize from our Classic Fit. This fit makes sure that the T-shirt fits the body perfectly. Besides that the quality of our V-neck T-shirts is top-tier. It is produced of high quality cotton, that gives the T-shirt a nice feel that lasts throughout the day. The V-shaped neck gives your outfit a stylish, that differs from the vibe associated with the Classical Fit. The V-neck T-shirts look extremely elegant which is why it has been popular for so many years. The bareen team feels that you can never go wrong if hitting the town wearing a V-neck T-shirt.

The perfect layer underneath a shirt

Besides being a really good looking T-shirt, the V-shaped neck actually has an intended function. Its original purpose was to solve the problem of having your T-shirt stick out from underneath your shirt or sweater. Even after the V-neck became widely popular throughout the years and something to wear just for the sake of the T-shirt itself, there are still many who use it for its intended use. It is perfect to use under your favourite shirt when you wish to achieve that clean look without the neck of the T-shirt being visible. It is also perfect during the colder days as an inner layer under the shirt to keep up the heath. If you need something even warmer, perhaps you would prefer our Long Sleeve T-shirts, that are perfect for the colder days.

The V-neck is a true classic

During the 1960’s it became a daily struggle for many men, that the collar of their T-shirts were visible underneath their shirts. This led to the creation of the V-neck, which solved that problem. The V-shaped neck made sure that the collar didn’t stick out from underneath the shirt. During the years the V-neck has been accepted by the fashion world all around, and become a true classic. The V-neck is now often used just as it is and works great with a pair of dress pants or jeans. The V-neck gives your outfit a very elegant look which works great with most outfits. Our V-neck all come made for men, but can surely be used by women as well. Then we often recommend choosing at least one size smaller than usual. If one wants a T-shirt especially made for women, we recommend our Classic Fit T-shirt to women, who is designed to fit the female body.

Sustainably produced T-shirts - with a long lifespan

Just like our other T-shirts, our V-neck T-shirts are also produced with focus on sustainability. All of our T-shirts are made out of 100% organic cotton, which results in a fabric of the highest quality. Besides that the organic, organic cotton gives the T-shirt a certain super soft feel, whilst also being extremely durable. The high quality of our T-shirts is our contribution in fighting climate change. Because the T-shirts’ high quality gives them a long lifespan and due to this our customers don’t have to constantly update their wardrobes, which is our way of fighting against the ‘wear and tear’ culture.