Tips for responsible shopping



3 tips for responsible shopping

1. Quality not quantity

Extend the life of your clothes by investing in good quality. You will quickly notice that you will enjoy one high-quality t-shirt more than 10 “cheap” t-shirts.

2. Timeless classics

Simplify your style and your wardrobe by enriching flashy clothing with timeless, high-quality basics and pimping them up with second-hand items.

3. Get to know the materials

Organic cotton uses far less water than conventional cotton. We recommend in general choosing products that have the fewest environmental costs in production. Bear in mind that fully sustainable clothing production is close to impossible. So the best advice would be to reuse the clothing for a long period of time and overall reduce consumption of new clothing. 

We hope these simple tips have given you a little clue as to what to look out for. All of our clothing is made from organic cotton. Our classic fit in white is perfect as a timeless staple in your wardrobe and we can assure you that if you take good care of it, you can love it for years to come.