How to style the black t-shirt



How to style the black t-shirt

At Bareen we agree that the black t-shirt is the perfect staple in your wardrobe. You can dress this popular piece from sporty to elegant without much styling effort. We show you our insider tips, which we copied from our in-house “styling specialist” aka Anthon. We show you how to style two different types of black t-shirts differently. Finally, we will show you how best to care for your t-shirt to keep it in your closet for years.

A classic fit t-shirt for a stylish look

If you like a more classic look, we recommend a rather tight, but not too tight T-shirt such as our Classic Fit in black. It is worth investing in a good fit, because the fit is key if you want to make a statement with a t-shirt and the better the t-shirt fits, the higher quality your outfit will appear. Once you have found the perfect fit for the t-shirt, you can easily combine it with smart suit trousers. If you have a black or even better brown belt, you can wear yours perfectly with your outfit. We recommend a pair of black matt or lacquered leather shoes. However, if this is too chic for your everyday life, you can also wear normal sneakers.

Street and sporty wear

If you're looking for a more relaxed style, we've got just the thing for you. When styling your t-shirt, it is important that it is cut oversized. The best t-shirt for this is our Box Fit in heavy or light. This style of t-shirt is extremely popular in Scandinavia at the moment. The sleeves and shoulders are slightly longer than the classic fit t-shirt and give the look a relaxed 90's expression. A pair of washed out jeans and white sneakers go well with this t-shirt. If you want to spice up your look a bit, you can wear a black beanie or a cap (which of course you have on backwards) with this outfit.

How to take care of your black t-shirt

To ensure that your favorite black T-shirt does not fade and keeps its color for as long as possible, you should observe the following rules:

  • Always wash your black t-shirts at 30 degrees 
  • Turn the t-shirts inside out so the inside is facing out
  • The same goes for drying, dry your black t-shirts inside out
  • Avoid the tumbler when drying as much as possible
  • We recommend a gentle cycle with a maximum of 800 revolutions
  • You should use mild detergent as detergent and keep your hands away from heavy-duty detergent!